#Hello, NSA

The National Security Agency (NSA) monitors your digital movements. In June 2013 the former employee Edward Snowden made this scandal public. But what is the NSA searching for? Who is sticking out of their data?

In 2013 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a list of over 370 keywords related to terrorism, cyber security, infrastructure, health, places and political dissent they pay special attention to. You can find a list of all these words on the next pages. By using some of them in an e-mail, a facebook post or a tweet, you could earn new followers in Washington — against your will. Even harmless sentences can put your privacy in danger.

My work presents four harmless sentences that contain some of these keywords. They distinguish from the other words by a subtle difference: The usage of a slab serif font instead of a sans serif font. At first glance, the keywords are not recognizable, underlining the user’s lack of knowledge, who does not realise that he/she makes use of a keyword.

The letters and words are created by notches on a wooden board. Grey threads form the surrounding while the letters stay white. The created thread structure symbolizes the internet network. Each board receives one color highlight, visualizing the current situation of danger. The grown number of used keywords by a social media users raises their potential risk of being viewed as a terrorist in the eyes of Washington / Quantico.

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